D.A. TELEPHONE CONFERENCES & FORUMS - A way to further connect w/ the fellowship

Upcoming calls can be found here.

Past calls (recordings/podcasts) are found here; and here is a sample listing of past calls:

  • A Spiritual Approach to Growing your Business: The Tools of BDA (Tools 7 – 9)
  • Traditions One, Two, and Three
  • What is Spiritually Sustainable Earning? — Part 2
  • HIP Training: It’s Cool to be HIP!
  • Building Support: The Magic of Pressure Relief Groups (PRGs)
  • Ask the GSB: 2018 World Service Conference Recap
  • Visions in Fellowship

More past Fellowship-Wide recorded conference calls (90 min.); dial in to listen:

Solvency and Sponsorship
Three members of the Fellowship share their experience, strength and hope on how solvency and sponsorship have impacted their recovery. Recorded January 2018.  To listen, dial

(712) 451-1092, Code 172285#, Press #

What It Means to Have Spiritually Sustainable Earning
​This is the first world-wide call presented by the Spiritually Sustainable Earning Caucus of the World Service Conference (WSC). Recorded January 2018. To listen, dial 

(712) 451-1002, Code 607611#, Press #

Visions – Individual
This Fellowship-wide call explores the many levels in which having a clear vision can contribute to spiritual growth and our individual capacities for abundance. Read more

Recorded October 2017.  To listen, dial (319) 527-2885, Code 214381#, Press #1 



Day-long Nature Retreat (Includes spirituality and visions).

Date, time & location TBD

Workshop: "Family Dynamics in DA"

Date, time & location TBD


In 2016 we celebrated D.A.’s 40th Birthday!

In August 2018, Minnesota DA Intergroup hosted the 2018 Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference!

Debtors Anonymous Minnesota Intergroup

Serving Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and the Dakotas